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Packing tape: characteristics and features of the use of adhesive tape in production and everyday life

Scotch tape is a universal lifeguard, which is in almost every home and is always used for various household needs. In addition, this material is indispensable in production, especially at the packaging stage. Here, the adhesive tape must not only be available, but also have the appropriate quality and strength to fully perform its function.

Packaging tape is widely used in food, paper, furniture and other industries. It is usually made of a two-layer material – polypropylene with an acrylic layer of glue. Due to this, the tape is strong and resistant to temperatures and humidity.

Obviously, the production of adhesive tape is always needed in large quantities, so the best solution is to buy scotch tape in bulk from the manufacturer in “Modern Pack”. Our product is super-quality, great choice and affordable prices.

What kind of packing tape to buy in "Modern Pack"

In order to choose the tape that best meets your needs, you should pay attention to the parameters that distinguish the product:

  • The thickness of the tape.
  • Winding length.
  • Roller width.
  • Color.

Here you can choose these characteristics at your discretion, as well as order a colored ribbon or put a certain logo or information on it. “Modern Pack” practices an individual approach to each client, so we are happy to listen to your wishes and do everything possible to ensure that the right packing tape is in your production as soon as possible.

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If you are interested in our products, or you have any questions about the products, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Write to us.

    To buy packing tape wholesale of premium quality in the Modern Pack company

    Adhesive tape is an indispensable thing in production. It is used to fasten and seal packages, fix goods, group products, etc. Accordingly, the main function of the tape is gluing, which is done with a special adhesive on polypropylene tape.

    Quality packing tape:

    • Resistant to chemicals.
    • Withstands temperature changes.
    • Moisture resistant.

    In addition, it is able to withstand heavy loads without losing its adhesive properties. This is the kind of adhesive tape offered by the online catalog “Modern Pack”, where you will find everything for packaging and even more. Our transparent tape is stable, has excellent adhesion (adhesiveness) and is made of high quality materials, while its democratic price allows you not to save on the use of the material on a production scale.

    Which packing tape to buy in "Modern Pack"

    Since adhesive tape is used for different stages of packaging, its choice should be approached as competently as possible. An important role in the choice is played by the thickness of the film, which determines the amount of adhesive layer. In addition, design and color are also important factors in the choice. Neutral and always appropriate transparent tape is the most popular today.

    In the company “Modern Pack” you can choose the parameters of the tape you need, including the width, length of the winding, as well as the thickness of the film. Contact us for more detailed information or advice on the choice – and we will help you choose the perfect tape for your packaging!

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    If you are interested in our products, or you have any questions about the products, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Write to us.

      Colored adhesive tape is a bright and multifunctional packaging accent

      The importance of scotch tape in packaging and production is difficult to overestimate. Due to its adhesive properties, this material can withstand significant loads by gluing, packaging and fixing goods. However, adhesive tape can be used for:

      • Product labeling.
      • Sealing of containers.
      • As a component of packaging design.

      For these and other needs, multi-colored packing tape is used. It has the same adhesive properties and physical characteristics as transparent tape, but has a certain color that can be chosen based on your needs.

      To buy color adhesive tape wholesale wholesale in the Modern Pack company

      Given the peculiarities of the choice of adhesive tape and its diversity in today’s market, choosing the best option at a reasonable price is not so simple. Modern Pack, which offers professional service and the highest quality packaging products, will help you do this easily and quickly.

      Our multi-colored tape is:

      1. Many shades (white, black, blue, green, red, yellow tape and so on).
      2. Ability to select parameters (length, width, thickness of the tape).
      3. High-quality polypropylene film, resistant to moisture, chemicals, temperature changes.
      4. High strength and stickiness of the tape, which contributes to the efficiency of packaging.
      5. Reasonable prices and prompt delivery.

      Having made an order in “Modern Pack”, you will definitely be satisfied, and your products – securely and firmly fastened, presentable and successfully packaged with high-quality colored tape!

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      If you are interested in our products, or you have any questions about the products, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Write to us.

        Packaging tape with logo - reliable packaging and effective marketing in one attribute

        There are many areas of application of adhesive tape, the largest of which can be considered production packaging. In order to securely and effectively seal the goods, fix them in a certain position, you need tape, and to improve the image of the supplier and the quality of sales will help the individual image printed on it.

        Logo tape is very popular, because in addition to the standard purpose of adhesive tape, it performs a number of important functions:

        1. Informative (logo or inscription provides certain information about the product).
        2. Protective (the image is a confirmation of the original product).
        3. Marketing (placement of the logo contributes to the recognition and popularity of the manufacturer).

        Given the significant benefits of scotch tape with a logo, it should definitely be part of the packaging strategy of every progressive manufacturer.

        Where to buy logo adhesive tape or order high-quality and inexpensive printing on scotch tape

        We are pleased to welcome you to Modern Pack, which offers effective packaging solutions at affordable prices. You can buy logo tape from us, which differs in its strength, reliability, adhesiveness and original design.

        High-quality equipment applies any model or image, agreed with you and adapted by our professionals, on a polypropylene film with excellent adhesive properties – and thus you get an exclusive quality tape.

        Parameters, ie length, width, thickness, number and color design of the tape, are discussed individually. Modern Pack is able to fulfill orders of any complexity to meet the needs and desires of each client.

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        If you are interested in our products, or you have any questions about the products, we will be happy to answer all your questions. Write to us.