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Boxes of complex configuration

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Modern Pack: high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes at affordable prices

Corrugated box of complex configuration, which differs from the four-valve box with more elements, faces, handles and so on. This type of packaging can be self-assembled or non-assembled, with different methods of assembly and mounting. The shape, size and type of corrugated cardboard used for the manufacture of such containers may be standard or selected individually for a particular product and customer request.

You can order boxes of complex configuration according to the set parameters in the Modern Pack company. We guarantee fast and high-quality execution of orders of any complexity with use of dense, reliable corrugated cardboard of own production. We have available boxes in finished and disassembled form at the best prices in Ukraine. By placing an order with Modern Pack, you are guaranteed to receive high quality, efficiency and professional service without overpayments.

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    What are the advantages of corrugated boxes of complex configuration

    The popularity of corrugated packaging is dictated primarily by its versatility, optimal price and high level of protection in the packaging of all types of goods. In addition, the packaging of a complex configuration is:

    • Компактність, легкість, зручність у використанні.
    • Strength, reliability and long-term operation.
    • Original and attractive appearance of the package.

    You can appreciate these and other strengths of corrugated packaging by ordering non-standard boxes for packing your products in “Modern Pack” today!