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Roofing cardboard

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Roofing cardboard is a modern building material with a favorable price-quality ratio

Today, cardboard products are increasingly used in construction. Their main advantage is strength and versatility combined with low cost.

One of the most popular types of cardboard products for construction is roofing cardboard. The structure is a stable material made of plant fibers with a special impregnation, which makes it suitable for:

  • Waterproofing.
  • Bituminous.
  • Bituminous and polymeric materials.

Since this raw material is produced by recycling, and the basis of its production is waste paper, the use of roofing felt is not only cost-effective and efficient, but also the most relevant today in terms of ecology.

Given the many advantages of the material, to start the production of roofing materials based on it is definitely worth it, especially if you choose a reliable and proven manufacturer.

Where to buy roofing felt cheap

It is not difficult to order material on the modern market, but choosing a supplier that can provide high quality is not an easy task. If you decide to deal with the production of roofing materials, roofing material, roofing felt, etc., we invite you to the company “Modern Pack”, which for many years has been successfully engaged in the manufacture of high quality products, including roofing felt.

Here you will find good prices, fast execution of orders of any scale with a focus on the individual needs of each buyer, as well as professional and competent assistance in the selection, ordering and delivery of materials.

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