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Binding cardboard

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What is binding cardboard: features and characteristics of the material

Despite global digitalization, the printing business continues to thrive and grow. At the production level, this area of activity requires the use of certain special materials, among which binding cardboard plays an important role.

This material is made from organic vegetable raw materials of coarse grinding, in terms of physical characteristics it is quite strong, hard and resistant to deformation. The binding material is used for the following needs:

  • Production of books and other hard covers.
  • Production of various printing products, such as folders, albums, packaging.
  • Furniture industry, making puzzles and other products.

Due to the wide range of applications, the quality and appearance of the binding cardboard is important. Initially, the material looks neutral and has a natural brown color, but is easily exposed to various design solutions, acquiring bright and original features.

The thickness of the cardboard can reach several millimeters, so the material is easy to cut, retains its shape for a long time and has no expiration date.

Buy high-quality binding cardboard from the Modern Pack company

Welcome to our online store, which offers durable and stable binding material of its own production at reasonable prices.

Here you will find cardboard for printed publications, books, diaries, postcards, toys, packaging and any other needs that can be ordered in unlimited quantities with fast delivery in Ukraine!

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